Oregon to Seattle to France

In 1987, after 36 years in Oregon, I moved to the Green Lake area of Seattle for a new job. Everything I owned in the world was crammed into my company car, an Oldsmobile Cutlass. My new home was a small, but so wonderful, one-bedroom basement apartment on 68th St., just a few blocks from the lake. Now, 35 years later it is time to move again, this time to France.

This painting is reminiscent of the years I first lived in Seattle, even a Cutlass, though mine was more of a burgundy color.

My intention was to only be in Seattle for a few years then move back to Portland, well, as often happens, that did not happen. Tricia and I got married, we have owned two houses and three condos, along with all that it takes to fill them. Next week our condo goes on the market, we are anticipating a quick sale in the competitive market we are in. For some time we have been giving away or selling furniture, clothing, kitchen stuff, etc., and most of what remains is already called for by friends and family. When all is done, we will keep some personal items in a small storage unit, then take off to France with no more than what would have fit in my Cutlass all those years ago.

Living here changed my life. With Tricia I explored the world of food, and took my first international trip, Mexico; I was so nervous. Little did I know that I would spend over 25 of these last 35 years traveling to five continents and over 20 countries; and of course numerous trips for pleasure with Tricia and Alexis.

As I ponder moving over 5000 miles away, a new emotion has sprouted up. When I was a vagabond-seminar-speaker, off to see the world, there was always two things that provided comforting stability – Tricia and our house – that is all changing. Much like the move from Oregon, 180 miles away to Seattle, this move entails leaving so much behind and taking off to a different place. I could not imagine doing it without the best travel partner there is, Tricia – she still is that comforting stability.

On my first trip to Australia, I remember when I realized how far away I was, and that it was not just a couple of hours on a plane to get home – I had a bit of homesickness. So I am certain we will feel the same twinges, I am ready. We communicate with so many folks that have made moves like this and they all say it was the best thing they ever did, we are counting on the same experience, I have no doubts. Now if we can just survive the sale of the condo, getting a visa, and the EU Pet Certificate for Neville, we will be off.

Of course I sketch most days, it is what I do, here are a few recents:

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  1. Bizzy says:

    If the bureaucracy doesn’t drive you crazy, you’ll love it here. Good decision!


    1. Well so far the visa stuff has not been bad at all, lots of paper but c’est la vie. We are renting in a situation where we avoid most of what you have gone through buying a place. We could most likely survive without even une banque française, so our bureaucracy will be a lot less than yours I hope. Thanks for the well wishes.


  2. Such beautiful sketches Terry – love the one of the house and Christmas tree in the snow! It’s amazing how we sometimes end up where we begun so many years ago! And how amazing that you have a partner in Tricia to enter this new chapter in your lives … I can hardly wait to read of all your adventures in France!

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    1. Yes I am quite fortunate, are you guys on Instagram as well as a blog?

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      1. No, we’re not on Instagram … we’re actually pretty useless with social media ☺️.


      2. Well, if you can do WordPress you can do Instagram, As a long time wordpress blogger it still drives me crazy at times, Instagram is nice as it is easy and we get your story in small bites.

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  3. Walt Samples says:

    Your next adventure is going to begin soon??? I know you and Tricia will make the most of it. I am att the keyboard with a broken bone in my right leg(fibula).Teresa is taking care of me. I have afib which is going to be addressed aina week or so(hopefully). Keep us posted and hope all is going well. Take care.


    1. Sorry about the leg, hope it heals quickly. Tough way to get some attention.


  4. Whoa!!!!! This is exciting. My hubby and I are moving to Bend and we think THAT is stressful. Lol. Cheers to new adventures ahead!!! LOVE all the sketches.

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    1. It is quite a grande aventuré for sure, but when we finally get there it will be all worth it. BTW I love Bend, central oregon is wonderful.

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      1. Thanks for the confirmation 💕 looking forward to your adventures!


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