Guest Blogger – Neville of Mukilteo

Today I have a guest blogger, Neville of Mukilteo. I hope you enjoy.

These are confusing times. I asked my pet, theTravelsketcher, to sketch me in front of my fireplace, which I am currently missing. I tried sketching myself but without thumbs to hold the pen it just seemed more fun to play with the pen, it made a good toy. I think he used a photo from my mom-pet as a reference.

Sleeping in front of that fireplace has been my favorite spot for almost six years, along with my pet’s chair and the beds, and my catio in the summer, but none of them are around now. We are in what I think they call a basement, there are strange noises, and you can’t imagine the smells – a dog I think, yuck. She better not come down and bother me or she will learn why we cats sharpen our claws.

Things are just not the same, two weeks ago my pets put me in a carrier and took me to the vet, it is undignified for a cat to have things shoved where they shoved things. Then just a few days ago they put me in the carrier again then drove around with me in the back seat for a few hours, thankfully no vet, we ended up back home, go figure. After a visit to my litter box I headed for the fireplace to recuperate. Then on Wednesday back into the carrier and I have been stuck in this basement since, thankfully my pets are with me. Why do they want to be here when we have beds and a fireplace all of our own – some things humans do just don’t make sense.

For some time now I hear them talking about France, I have no idea what a France is. It might even be a place, they do talk about me “making it”, that just sounds ominous, somehow I think that damn carrier is involved, and an “airplane.” What could that be?

France could be a way to talk, because they ask me if I can learn to meow in french. My pets are not too bright, I hear them struggle with talking in French, me I already know how to meow in French, but I don’t let on about how easy French is because they work so hard at it.

So I am coming to the conclusion that we are leaving the comfort of my fireplace and my catio. A new place will mean a lot of exploring to find the best places to sleep. I hope they don’t forget my food bowl, the blue one Joe made for me. I think I might get to go outside and catch French mice, that will be fun.

What I hope most is that mornings will be OK. Dad-pet and I get up at about 0500, if he forgets I remind him. I wait by the bed until he picks me up and carries me out to the fireplace, for some reason he just sits there and looks at this screen-thing he has until 0600 when I get my breakfast. He makes coffee and goes back by the fire, I eat and then join him. Mornings are the best.

When I asked him about France he said there would be a wood stove, and that we would add fire building to the morning routine, but he assured me I would like laying in front of it even more than my fireplace now. I sure hope he is right.

Oh, one other thing. Right now I am known as Neville of Mukilteo, I even have my own Instagram page, but I heard my mom-pet say I will have a new name soon – Neville of Normandy. So I do hope you will follow me here and there, I will try to keep you posted on how this all works out.

Thanks to theTravelsketcher for letting me get all of this out.

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  1. Sweet baby bud! He’s a great cat.

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  2. Shirley says:

    Dear Neville–you are very pragmatic–and a great cat. No worries. You will be taken care of in the style to which you have become accustomed. And I hear French mice are quite tasty. The have a way with sauces. And you will be able to take care of your Mom and Dad pets quite well because you will be wealthy after publishing the first in thr series of children’s book–‘Neville, The French Chat.’ You already clearly write beautifully–and we believe you are well acquainted with an artist. Voila. Done. Happy travels!
    Claudine & JJ

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    1. I will surely like the french mice. I dont know about a book, sounds like a lot of work, I do need to get my sleep in.

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    2. Love this! I have considered writing some children’s books about Neville’s travels. 😊


      1. Shirley says:

        You’ve already begun. It would be a thoroughly enjoyable labor of love over the next few years–for both of Neville’s pets and for many, many French and American children!

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  3. elissbaker says:

    Hi Neville, I know these are confusing and unsettling times (they are for all of us), but I promise that you will love this thing called “a France.” You will be warm, much warmer than you are in Mukilteo. And right outside your door will be a park to explore. In front of your new wood stove will be a very cozy napping spot. Your pets are super smart (and fun and adventurous!) to introduce you to a France.

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