San Francisco, Sonoma, and Sorting

Lundi 31 Janvier 2022 The pace quickens

In the days when I managed a Real Estate office we never would have dreamed that multiple offers would come in after only five days on the market, all over list price – 90 day listings were the norm. And who could have dreamed that we would review those offers on a conference call, I love it. We accepted an offer, signing on my iPad, on Monday the 31st, we now moved into the next phase of our grande aventure, and the pace quickened.

On 1 Février we headed to SEATAC for a flight to San Francisco to deliver all the documents that the French Consulate needed in order to process our visa. I spent many hours assembling dossiers for each of us, the French j’adore paperwork, they require more than most other countries. We checked our roller bags, but I clutched my canvas document pouch tightly.

Our appointment on mercredi (Wednesday) was at 10.00am at the office of VCF.Global, the organization that collects document, then forwards them to the French Embassy. We were ready, and had everything they asked for; my ego took a boost when eavesdropping made it clear that many came unprepared. After about 40 minutes we were done, we breathed a sigh of relief then headed north on Highway 101.

Sonoma, catching our breath

For many years Healdsburg, in Sonoma, has been a haven for us, but thanks to COVID it has been a few since we have been there, so its proximity to San Francisco made it the perfect place to take a break before the packing and moving began.

We stayed at the Calderwood Inn, a Victorian mansion now a BnB. Thanks to Tricia and Travels Through My Lens for the photo.

The Kincade Fire of 2019 destroyed one of our favorite wineries: Soda Rock. Photo from SFGate.

We both felt a tear as we pulled into the parking lot. Thankfully the barn to the south of the old buildings was saved, it functions as the tasting room today. Check out Tricia’s blog for more photos. I did a sketch from the patio at the barn.

The green is returning and the wine is as good as ever, give their Zinfandel a try.

Back home and sorting

With the condo sold, our visa pending – as I am writing this a FedEx knock on the door with our passports and visas is imminent – and a closing date of 28 Février bearing down on us, we are engaged in sorting and packing.

All of our furniture is called for, we are donating clothes and household goods, the goal is to have as small of a storage unit as possible. Sorting my art supplies was a major task, we artist do collect a lot of stuff, but I have done it.

Yet I still have found time for art. We met two of Alaska Airline’s best (which from my Million Miler experience is most all of them) on our flight home, upgraded of course. It brought back the days when I would do sketches for flight attendants and passengers. So I did one yesterday for Lisa, and am shipping an acrylic I did a year ago to Bryana, I love how the art has opened the doors to so many friends.

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  1. Walt Samples says:

    Wow that all sounds impressiveTerry. Good luck and enjoy to you and Tricia!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Walt, things are going along quite well, but will be glad when we can slow down


  2. Shirley says:

    Tick tock….tick tock….
    (Saying it in French would be more apropos, how–but you get the idea…)
    Exciting tunes!

    Liked by 1 person

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