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  1. You’re in France!! I’m so glad everything went smoothly … and that Neville is doing ok as well. And I love your heat source – that is just perfect!

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    1. Smooth yes, but a bit of anxiety because of Neville, I am a dotting pet owner for sure.

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  2. Shirley says:

    Can’t believe you’ve already posted something–and how neat! What a fabulous centerpiece in your new place. It will keep you all warm and cozy once you learn the tricks of how to make it work! Rustic is fabulous! It would be boring to take up residence in a place that looks like Holidsy Inn Express. The Terry & Tricia style with arts and photos will soon be all over your new morceau de paradis!

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    1. Both Tricia and I have lived in places with wood heat as the primary so it is pretty easy to get back to it. You are right about wanting the reality. When I told our friend Pascal, who lives near Paris, about it being rustic, he replied, “Rustic is the best word to describe the French countryside.


  3. elissbaker says:

    Soooooo excited to read of your Normandy adventures and see your future sketches of French things. Congratulations, Terry. Well done on this huge accomplishment.


    1. Lisa you are too kind, it is not that huge, but yes quite an accomplishment for sure.


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