First week at La Thebaudiere 18 Mars 2022

This morning I vacuumed, after four days at La Thebaudiere it must be home. The routine home chores add to a sense of normalcy in this place that is mostly normal. A few things to learn, like how hot water tanks work, cooking on propane stove, building fires in a wood stove, and the reality of how few plug-ins there are in a 230 year old stone cottage. Yet it is all beginning to feel normal.

Neville has settled in well, read about his adventures at Tricia’s blog. My morning routine of coffee and reading are already reestablished so all is good. Here is my journal page from yesterday.

Yesterday we had lunch at Le Bistro Saint Julien in Domfront, my confit de boeuf.

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  1. It’s beginning to feel like home!

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  2. Shirley says:

    Fabulous!!!!! The sketches and that deliciousdinner. Of course now all I’m thinking is where can I find a dinner plate like that?! (Not the food; the actual plate)
    Your adventure is well under way!!!!

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    1. I knew you would like the plate. It is so you. And JJ would love the confit du bœuf


      1. We had one of those round clotheslines when I was a child.


  3. Love your sketches … that one of the post box is really pretty! And that plate of food – looks really delicious – yummy!


    1. You are too kind, but thank you.

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  4. elissbaker says:

    That meal looks delicious! Can you please tele-port it to me?


    1. No but we can take you there when you visit in May


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