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  1. Shirley (aka Claudine) says:

    Your sketch took me WAY back to those circular rotating clotheslines we had in several backyard in the 20th century! Saved the agony of having to move to clip clothespins; an early verdion of ‘spin dry.’ Your sketches show a truly beautiful place and an idyllic new life. You can enjoy the beauty of living without all the noise and clutter! Thanks for your lovely sketches! Claudine

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    1. I remember those clotheslines, we had one in Portland


  2. The houses have a real charm … it certainly is not modern, but that’s probably why I like it so much! And the clothes line – I love to hang our clothes outside to dry (I always smell the sun in them when they’re dry 🌞).


    1. In the NW part of the USA dryers are the norm, I like the outside, but the clothes are not as soft, towels are rough, and things that stretch during wear such as jeans dont shrink back into shape. But both do have advantages.

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  3. elissbaker says:

    These sketches are wonderful, as are your notes. Thank so much for sharing your experiences.


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