The New Normal in Normandie

Back from L’Isle sur la Sorgue we set about establishing a normal routine, though we are learning that often in France the normal is detours or deviations – just when you think the autopilot is turned on you hit a bit of turbulence, better get used to it as I think it is the norm.

Neville has adjusted better than we ever could have dreamed. When we got back we decided to let him outside a bit, something he has taken to quite well. He does not stray too far away, and is happiest when one of us is outside with him.

Some days are filled with the activities of any house dweller. It has been six years since I have mowed a lawn, thankfully it is small, tomorrow trimming the hedge is on the adgenda, with hand clippers of course. We pull weeds and plant flowers to brighten up the place. We even have a rustic but nice patio.

Of course we take time to go off on day trips around the area. We went to Sainte-Suzanne, an 11th century castle and city. Read Tricia’s blog for some wonderful photos.

Closer to home we found an Irish pub in Sainte Framboise, met some delightful folks in this expat hangout.

Some of the best beauty is just a walk down an unused road next to our property.

Many say we are living our dream, or are on a grande aventure, I understand that and appreciate all the encouragement and support of friends and family as we live here, thank goodness for Skype etc., yet for us it morphing from a dream or adventure to just life. This new chapter is adventurous at times that is for sure, yet daily it becomes the normal, comfortable, and a lot less noisy and congested than Mukilteo.

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  1. I’m always amazed at how beautiful a lamp can look in your sketches! And I’m happy that you have settled in so well (also Neville – he looks quite content on that table)!

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  2. elissbaker says:

    Sweet Neville. I love seeing him so happy.

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  3. The new normal fits you! Neville looks very content!

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