Our Second Spring in Normandie

Notre deuxième printemps en Normandie, hard to believe it but it is true. Tricia took this photo of Neville and me almost exactly one year ago, on Instagram this post has drawn more interactions than any of my other posts ever have. I of course know it is because Neville is such a good subject and Tricia takes such good photos. This week Neville and I spent many days in the afternoon sun once again.

The New Normal In Normandie

Paris is known for their cherry trees, we have few here, but since this is pays de les pommes apple trees outnumber the cherry trees by far, yet a quick cherry blossom sketch was irresistible.

We have done a bit of planting and weeding so have some herbs and some poppies sprouting from seeds that our friend Lisa sent. There are daffodils in a planter made from an old chair we found. Tricia fills the bird feeders daily as they are quite active these days.

Almost a year ago we were with friends in Blois, in the Loire Valley, I got a new moka coffee maker and a milk frother, they both get used most mornings and sketching over une café crème is perfect. This is a sketch of one of the views from my chair, our small European refrigerator, it is less than half the size of the refrigerator we left behind, but this is the norm in France.

Often I think about the beauty of the PNW, this week I did a postcard sketch with that theme. I love to send postcards out, if you would like one with a sketch on it let me know, I would be happy to do one for you. Just tell my what you think of when you think of France to give me some ideas.

Spring with its warmer weather and flowers is always welcome to Neville and me, here are a few photos of him in the yard this week. He sat under my chair, slept in the flowerbed on top of the poppy seeds, and chatted with Tricia.

I hope your spring is getting warmer and your plants are sprouting, for my down under friends I hope autumn is beautiful. With the warmer days your journeys may get easier, so get out and around, but don’t forget your sketchpad, or if you are like Tricia, your camera.

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  1. Lovely post, sketches, and photos. It’s hard to believe we’ve been her for over a year!

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    1. Yes, it is hard to believe, it seemed so different but now it is our normal.

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  2. Sheree says:

    Neville looks very much at home

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Before we moved here he was in a condo, so he is loving the outdoors.

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      1. Sheree says:

        Wholly understandable

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  3. Such an enjoyable post with your sketches and photos. I am very happy with spring’s arrival!

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    1. Thank you Lynette, it was an enjoyable week.

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  4. Shirley says:

    Neville ricks in this post; I think he wrote it…. We enjoyed the sketches of your home (fridge included). Thanks for sharing–we feel like we are there with you. As for your sketched postcards –love them!

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    1. Thanks, he does like it here. It is a comfortable place, even with its rough edges.


  5. We’ve had a row of perfectly still warm days here in Melbourne. Not a puff of breeze and both bays like powder blue glass. The quality of the autumn light is divine. But we know that it cannot last.

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    1. yes the seasons do come, like it or not.

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  6. elissbaker says:

    This post has everything, and it is lovely. Photos of Tricia and Neville, sketches of your house and yard, reminiscenses and contemplations about days in France. It is a wonderful glimpse into your life. (Love the sketch of your kitchen and European refrigerator. I so admire your ability to always find something to sketch!)


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