Holy Week Sketching

We spent the week staying pretty close to home, cooking, planting some herbs and seeds that Lisa sent, Tricia sorted photos and wrote blogs, I sketched, wrote, and played a little music. It was a good week, today we plan to hit a couple of brocantes.

Here are a few sketches from the week. I used multiple medias and quite enjoyed it all.

Freshly back from Paris it just made sense to do a couple of Paris themed pieces. For this one I used four different pens and colors of ink, along with just a bit of graphite.

Here is a tribute to spring in Paris where old trees still bloom and people walk in the parks.

One morning I just did a couple with my refilled Pilot – I was finally able to get the converter to work so it is now loaded with Platinum Carbon.

Here are two sketches from home and a nearby road. The first is in graphite with Faber-Castell yellow for the daffodils. The other is of dried flowers in our kitchen, done in ink and marker.

In Paris we visited the Musée Rodin. As I stood pondering one of his most famous works, The Gates of Hell, it reminded me of all the evil in our world – certainly not as uplifting as some of his other pieces.

Thanks to Tricia for the photo

Today is Good Friday, or le vendredi saint in France. So this morning’s sketch seemed just right.

On this important weekend I send you warm thoughts of blessing and peace, no matter where your travels may take you.

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  1. Good thoughts and a lovely post and sketches.

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    1. Thanks, I need to focus on those good thoughts.

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  2. elissbaker says:

    Your Good Friday sketch is wonderful in it’s simplicity and strong composition. Enjoy sketching in the sun, and I look forward to seeing blooming flowers in May!

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    1. Thank you so much, yes, the composition just seemed right.

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