An Iconic Week

Two of the most iconic shapes in France are the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandie. Notre Dame de Paris must be a close third.

A follower of this blog took me up on my offer to send an original postcard from France. I put this postcard of red poppies, local icons, and the Eiffel Tower in the mail to her this week. I hope it arrives soon. The offer, of course, still stands, so send an email if you would like a postcard from France, or wherever else I happen to be.

Eiffel snuck into a gribouillage while watching TV. Tile roofs are ubiquitous in France and much of Europe.

One of the most iconic images of Europe is the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Our visiting friends took us to lunch as a thank you from Lisa’s mom, so I sent her a painting to show our appreciation. Lisa supplied the photo. Someday I hope to see the mountain in person.

Iconic images trigger memories, and sketching them is just one way to interact and make them a bit more personal. I hope you are traveling and sketching this week. What iconic images did you see?

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  1. We actually have seen the Matterhorn, many years ago on our first visit to France. Lovely sketches!

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    1. Yes, you are right. I forgot all about that. Thanks for reminding me.

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  2. pamwoolway says:

    As for the question of an iconic image, it would be the Napali Coast or Balihai. I may not have the skill to capture one but I’ll send something Kauai-ish. Pam Sent from my iPhone


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  3. We finished up a major trip across much of western Canada this week, including driving through the Rocky Mountains. I like to photograph (I’m not a sketcher) but I didn’t get many mountain photos this time because of time constraints and also because there are some major forest fires that were blanketing the area with smoke.

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    1. I have been reading about the fires, so sad. Canada has iconic things like maple leafs, moose, etc. Even if they are not everywhere it is what we think of.

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  4. elissbaker says:

    I LOVE your sketch of the Matterhorn, Terry, as will my mom. It is wonderful. She will no doubt have it framed and place it on her coffee table next to your sketch of Norway. Thank you for your kindness. Seeing the Matterhorn meant a lot to her, and your sketch will be the perfect remembrance.

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    1. Your mother must be such a nice person, she seems so appreciative, so it is a pleasure to do a sketch for her.

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